Illustrator, Art Director, etc.

[Art Direction & Illustration]

YouTube Doodles

Art Direction and Illustration for YouTube’s pilot YouTube Doodles (lovingly referred to internally as the “Yoodles” program.) Together with both the Art Department and Marketing Partners, we dive deep into various YouTube communities to create work that celebrates and authentically speaks to its users. 
Each Yoodle is Comprised of a short animation that takes over the logo space along with a larger static homepage illustration that appears upon click-through.

[left, clockwise] Earth Day, CatTube, Pride (by Amy Matsushita), Tattoo Tours



Art direction: Jesse Lefkowitz
Animation: K Downs


1vs1 Basketball

Art direction: Yeojin Shin
Animation: Pedro Piccini

[Art Direction]

Speed Runs

Illustration & Animation: Robert Wallace
[Illustration & Art Direction]

V Tubers

Animation: Nataly Menjivar


Retro Gaming

Art direction: Jesse Lefkowitz
Animation: David Amichai

[Art Direction]

YouTube End of Year Creator Gift 2022

Partnered with internal stakeholders as well as Advoc8 Design to direct an album cover to be paired with this sustainable record player.

I commissioned and directed illustrator Raul Urias whose dynamic work paired well with the existing designs and overall retro vibe. 

[Creative Direction & Illustration]

YouTube Creator Marketing 2021

Massive overhaul of YouTube’s existing creator communications to bring more visual harmony, brand recognition, and overall fun into emails, notifications, and social posts. Beyond general communications, the gaming, fashion and beauty, and YouTube Black tentpole communities were singled out to recieve linked branding of their own.

My role as lead art direction on this project found me managing several incredible designers, producing bespoke sticker assets, selecting and hiring outside illustrators, and partnering with internal marketing and visual leads to keep everything cohesive with the brand’s existing look and feel. 

Creative Oversight: Jesse Lefkowitz, Robyn Lee
Illustration:  Chelsea Beck, Niv Bavarsky
Design: Drake Manalo, Ching-Fa Lung, Giselle Rodas, Eunhae Yoo
External Artists: Toykyo, Pierre Croco, Erin Lux, Sabrena Khadija, and Sinenhlanhla Chauke
Project Management: Shane Burke

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Editorial Illustration

Select work from both my freelance career, as well as my time as an in-house illustrator at Gizmodo Media. Wider selection of work can be seen on behance!
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